With the photo campaign “The world sees Bauhaus”, 100 years of bauhaus invites you to share your personal views of the Bauhaus. 35 years ago, the young master Gunta Stölzl in weaving and textile design died. This colorful drawing is by the Swedish artist Maria Persson.

The World Sees Bauhaus: Gunta Stölzl drawing / Photo:  dagensdam (via Instagram)
The World Sees Bauhaus: Gunta Stölzl drawing / Photo: dagensdam (via Instagram)

The Bauhaus’s influences on 20th century architecture, art and design are many and varied and it remains omnipresent in all kinds of realms and in the most disparate regions of the world. With the photo campaign “The world sees Bauhaus”, we invite you to show this diversity in your own images: Where, who or what is the Bauhaus today? Where has the Bauhaus left its mark in our daily lives? What does it inspire in you? To what degree does it still polarize? Why is the centenary a reason to celebrate, scrutinize or (re)discover the Bauhaus? it?

This photo campaign is all about your personal view of the bauhaus today. Just take a photo of your individual perspective using the 100-stencil, share it with #bauhaus100 and become part of the centenary. We’ll feature your best contributions right here, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Photo: Stan Hema, 2016.
Photo: Stan Hema, 2016.

You’ll find the stencils in the museum-shops, or on request at Bauhaus Dessau, the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin, the Bauhaus Museum Weimar or other Bauhaus sites.

For fans of creative experiments or DIY, the stencil is also available for download: download the PDF above, print, glue it on some sturdy cardboard and carefully cut out the 100 – this works best with a cutter.

For the more digital-oriented amongst you, our new photo App "I See Bauhaus“ is now available for your smartphone. Download now and get started!

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We’re looking forward to your Bauhaus-Perspectives.