The Bauhaus Museum now under construction in Dessau, the Willi Eidenbenz show in Magdeburg and commercial art from Halle – with diverse exhibitions and projects, a state that is central to the Bauhaus Centenary is already getting into gear for the coming year. In June 2018, Saxony-Anhalt is offering a wide choice to all fans of the Bauhaus, with events focused on architecture, design and academic scholarship.

In December 2015, the Spanish architecture firm addenda architects (González Hinz Zabala) received the commission to build the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Ever since, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (developer of the museum) has been working with the Spanish firm on the building’s architecture and construction. Simultaneously, the Foundation’s scholars are developing the educational and exhibition concepts. With the series “Open the Doors!”, which takes place on four evenings at the Bauhaus Dessau, the Foundation’s staff invite interested members of the public to follow the process of creating the museum. Within this framework, the architects will be on hand for a public inspection of the construction site on 14 June 2018.

The exhibition “Carl Fieger: From Bauhaus to Bauakademie”, which also takes place at the Bauhaus Dessau, takes a look at architectural history in the context of the Bauhaus. The original drawings, architectural models, furniture, photographs, and student works on view from 22 March to 31 October 2018 depict more than just Carl Fieger’s contribution to architectural education at the Bauhaus by also shedding new light on the architect – as a designer who combined new standards with individual expression.

Magdeburg’s Forum Gestaltung places the focus on graphics and communication design: The exhibition “Zurich, Magdeburg, Basel … Willi Eidenbenz”, on view until 8 July 2018, is dedicated to the Swiss native who emerged from the circle of talent surrounding Peter Behrens and, with his work at Atelier Eidenbenz beginning in 1933, helped establish what is today known as the Swiss Style. His was one of the first companies to combine graphic design, photography and trade fair construction under one roof.
While the Willi Eidenbenz show extends its view beyond the state border, the City of Halle establishes a regional connection to the topic of commercial art and product design. Along with Berlin and Leipzig, Halle was an important centre of commercial art. Posters, book and magazine covers, packaging, logos, postage stamps and playing cards from the years 1945 to 1990 are among the objects on view at the City Museum of Halle since 18 May 2018 in the special exhibition “Masse und Klasse”, which presents graphic design from Halle in the GDR context. Exhibits developed and presented in 2016 by the Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things in Berlin form the core of this new exhibition. Halle took that material, which focused on the commercial graphic art of the entire GDR, and expanded it by adding a regional section.

Wherever the performance of everyday objects is concerned, culture and cultural identity are always under scrutiny: The weekly lecture series “Kulturelle Identität? Herausforderungen der Moderne” [Cultural identity? Challenges of modernity] at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) will continue through 26 June 2018 with lectures that explore the topic from the differing perspectives of various disciplines. From the radical conservatism of the 1920s to the current debates featured in the newspapers, sports scientists and linguists illuminate multiple traces of modernism in the present.


[CG 2018; Translations: DK]